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Are You Bad At Communicating? Try This!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

The value of effective communication cannot be understated. Most of my coaching with leaders is around how to communicate with staff, coach staff to communicate better with each other and create more effective team communication overall. This often consists of identifying different communication styles and understanding the impact we have on others in our interactions.

Let’s touch on each of these starting with our style of communication. We all have one and prefer to operate from that style most of the time. We are able to work from multiple styles comfortably, but relate to others most like us. At times, we find others that have very different styles, in fact we could identify as polar opposites. This is difficult for all involved because we are not accustomed to seeing things from the opposite style’s point of view. It’s not natural, so we don’t practice adapting toward their style. To engage others of the opposite style in a meaningful way, we must be willing to be flexible and adapt toward their style. Whose responsibility should it be to adapt? Quite simply, it our responsibility. We must always remember that we can only control our style and interaction with others. You might ask: what happens if they don’t adapt to mine? My answer is quite simple, I will still adapt to yours. It’s the right thing to do and will begin the process of reaching others in a positive manner.

We make an impact on others in every interaction, good or bad. Each day we make a choice in the impact we will have for that day. I will be happy, sad, angry, frustrated or a number of other emotions that we ultimately choose. We will have an impact and we do have a choice in how we approach this with others. Consider the benefit of choosing to be happy despite circumstances that elicit frustration or anger. The choice we make can and will change the circumstances we face. As leaders in our respective roles, the choice we make has power that determines how our team members live their day. Our very demeanor sets the tone for our day and that of our team members. Before entering your office, department or location where your workgroup resides, pause and make a choice for the type of day you will choose for yourself and your team.

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