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Only Your Vision Can Create Inspiration and Enthusiasm

Updated: May 7, 2021

Vision creates inspiration and enthusiasm. Be a visionary for others. Vision can be defined as the ability to think about or plan the future. Individuals need to know there is a plan and direction for those they follow. They are inspired by the idea of a future that is better than the present. When a leader describes a vivid picture of how things could be, individuals are inspired. By identifying a plan or path to a desirable future state, the leader provides an opportunity for individuals to follow because they want to, not because they have to. In fact, many individuals seek inspiration in order to determine whether or not they will remain part of the team. When he or she does not receive that inspiration from leadership, the result is a lack of motivation and engagement. This is followed by a period of searching for a more desirable team to become a part of.

Part of inspiring others is to define a winning strategy. Because many individuals naturally want to be part of a winning team, he or she will become internally motivated by the idea of becoming part of something great. This is often how entrepreneurial leaders inspire individuals to join them on a new venture. The difficulty is convincing the individual to move from a known, secure role to a risky uncertain role with a new team. Those that have an entrepreneurial spirit are eager to join a team in this position. This is especially true when the leader is truly inspiring, offering an opportunity to be part of something with unlimited potential.

Why is enthusiasm so important in leadership and an inspiring vision? Enthusiasm is a powerful word meaning an intense and eager enjoyment, interest and approval. Think about the power of a team of enthusiastic professionals internally motivated by a truly inspiring vision. That is a recipe for an extraordinary team of individuals with a mindset that anything is possible. The potential of the team is unlimited. To understand the true value of a team filled with enthusiasm, you have to imagine a team of individuals lacking motivation and dreading each day they drag themselves into work. We’ve all likely experienced this team dynamic and it’s not a team that will succeed at any level of desirable performance. Teams led by leaders with vision are inspired and act with enthusiasm for a future of exceptional performance, exceeding all expectations. This is a team that wins everyday!


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